About Us

RTC Tile Engravers specialize in Engraved Custom Tiles and Bricks

Fundraiser Bricks – Tile Engraving – Custom bronze plaques – Brick engraving
Engraved Tiles – House Address Numbers – Custom Tile Engraving – Sandblasing – Laser engraving

From a single tile, to multiple tiles pieced together to form a larger design, we can provide and create a truly
unique and custom tile service.

Your selected design may be engraved onto your choice and size of material, and the majority of designs
possess the ability to be sized in accordance to your personal tile specification.

Our library houses thousands of designs to assist you in creating the look you wish to achieve.  In addition to
this service, we welcome customers own designs, thus enabling you to produce a truly original and individual look.

Our web site gives a general overview of the service we provide.  The possibilities are endless, and we would like
the opportunity to share our wealth of knowledge, together with our many years of experience in designing and
engraving on stone and tile, to help you achieve the result you desire.

The process used for engraving has been developed by, and is unique to, RTC Tile Engravers.  We use a
specialized sandblasting technique to create an individual and handmade finish to each and every tile.